At Aluz Advanced Fertility Clinic in Granada, we have three separate waiting rooms, helping to maintain your privacy. You can choose a single gynaecologist to work on your case.
All processes are carried out at the clinic as we have suitable facilities, such as a surgical area attached to the IVF laboratory, andrology laboratory, vitrification room and sample extraction room, as well as two rooms so that you can spend as long as you need to recover in peace.
If you want to learn more about our facilities, you can visit us virtually or in person.

Whatever your concern, at Aluz Advanced Fertility Clinic in Granada we can help you. We study your case to make your dream of being a mother come true.

Artificial Insemination

We insert a semen sample, previously prepared in our laboratory, into the woman’s uterus. Artificial insemination can be with the partner’s semen or donor semen. This technique is suitable for couples with unspecified infertility, women with problems conceiving, men with slight or moderate deficiencies in semen, and cases of alteration of the cervix.

In Vitro Fertilisation

The semen previously prepared in our laboratory and the oocytes are placed in a culture medium, so that the sperm cells can find the oocyte themselves and enter it to fertilise it. The embryos will be cultivated and evaluated in our laboratory and transferred at the appropriate time.
This technique is suitable for women who have a normal ovarian reserve, but with pathologies in the fallopian tubes or irregular menstruation, male infertility or risk of transmission of genetic or chromosome alterations.

Embryo Vitrification

This technique allows embryos to be frozen safely and efficiently with an excellent survival rate after thawing. This procedure also has the advantage of allowing the woman’s fertility to be preserved, freezing the remaining embryos of an in vitro fertilisation treatment for future treatments.

Genetic Counselling

Currently one of the most sought-after services, as it allows information to be known on the risk of having a genetic condition, or the consequences which may arise from an existing condition.
Genetic counselling is carried out through a clinical evaluation study and specialised tests in the family background of the future parents, either before or after birth.

Donation of Oocytes

The evaluation and selection of the donor is carried out in our own centre, after undertaking rigorous tests to insure their suitability. Additionally, the selection of the donor is carried out following a series of guidelines, such as women being between 18 and 35 years of age, without illnesses such as HIV, hepatitis B or chlamydia, cytomegalovirus or syphilis, having carried out chromosome analysis to detect potential alterations, and detailed psychological studies, among others.

Preservation of Fertility

This involves freezing the oocytes through the vitrification technique. This treatment is particularly suitable for women who wish to postpone maternity, or when for health reasons the woman’s fertility may be compromised (cases of cancer, chemotherapy/radiotherapy, invasive surgeries, etc.)

Receipt of Oocytes from Partner Method

Consists of extracting the oocytes from one partner, inseminating them with the semen of a donor, and once the embryos are obtained, transferring them to the other partner.

Single Mothers

For these cases, insemination is carried out with previously thawed donor semen, and after preparing it in our laboratory, inserting it in the uterus of the woman easily and safely.


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